About Us

Investing in the Future

Fashioned along the lines of the world’s most prominent investment banking institutions, Futureview is managed by a team of time-tested professionals in the industry.

Incorporated 1993
Registered by the NSE & Licensed by the SEC

Futureview Group comprises of:

Futureview Securities Ltd

Futureview Financial Services Limited

Futureview Asset Management Limited

Futureview Bureau de Change

The company was incorporated in March 1993, commenced operations in 1996, registered by the Nigerian Stock Exchange and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to provide investment banking services.

Our esteemed clientele include Blue Chip Corporations, Governments, High Net Worth Individuals, Institutional Investors and Small/Medium Enterprise

Supporting our management team is a Board of Directors composed of men and women of proven integrity and excellent track records whose vast professional backgrounds serve as a rich resource base for the company’s policy formulation and overall business perspective.

Board of Directors
Management Team

Strong relationships

Futureview has strong business relationships with banks such as Access Bank Plc, Fidelity Bank, Guarantee Trust Bank (GT Bank) and United Bank of Africa (UBA) on the local banking terrain as well as international players like Standard Chartered Bank (UK), United Bank of Switzerland, and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Futureview is the representative to Africa for the European Economic Development Council (EEDC), with our Managing Director serving as the Special Trustee.

In 2003, Futureview was one of the two Stockbrokers/Financial Advisers appointed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to advise on the issue of the 1st NGN150 billion bond to the public, the largest ever offering of debt securities in the Nigerian capital market.

As a choice investment banking firm, a large number of banks in Nigeria relied on the Issuing House, Investment Advisory and Stockbroker services of the company to drive their capital raising exercises in compliance with the FY 2005 minimum capital requirements stipulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Our skill in Mergers & Acquisitions, packaging IPOs, Rights Issues and Private Placements ensured that our banking clients were adequately capitalized in compliance with the CBN directive.

Post consolidation, Futureview has remained one of the leading investment banking firms anchoring a vibrant market share of capital raising exercises in the banking sector and other sectors of the Nigerian economy.


To be the leading investment bank in the world.

Our Core Values

Our distinct corporate culture with its inherent set of core values is one of the things that distinguish us from our competitors


Our greatest asset is our people. Whilst believing this is critical to our success, we make an unusual effort to identify and recruit the very best person for every job, and equip them with every tool and support necessary for them to succeed under the right working conditions.


We apply creativity and imagination in everything business we undertake. While recognizing that the standard approach may still be the best, we constantly strive to find a better and faster solution to client’s challenges.

We strive to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of our clients and develop new services to meet those needs.

Customer Experience

Our clients’ interests always come first. We believe that excellent customer service is crucial to all our clients and therefore strive to achieve more than that; a second-to-none customer experience.

Integrity & Ethical Business

Integrity and honesty are  the heartbeat of our business. We expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do, both in their work for the firm and in their personal lives.

We believe in the professional quality of our work because we are willing to go the extra mile. We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake.

We believe in being the best rather than being the biggest.


Our goal is to provide superior returns to our stakeholders. Superior returns are critical to achieving profitability, building our capital, attracting and retaining the best people.


Given the competitive nature of our business, we aggressively seek to expand our clientele relationships. We believe strongly in the importance of delivering on our promise to clients and have thus carved out a niche for ourselves in specific areas of the industry for the purpose of serving our clients faster and better.

Core Value Drivers

Experienced Professionals

We have extensive transactional experience and deep expertise in investment banking, finance, executive management, strategy, and operations: cumulative team experience in working on over 300 transactions. Our team comprises well experienced staff that have brought a wealth of industry expertise that our clients rely on to guide them through their most important and complex decisions.

Deep Market Knowledge and Research-based Approach

We draw on our own proprietary research in order to recognize opportunities, identify trends, and uncover value. Our market intelligence allows us to anticipate our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Industry Experts

Our team has advised several leading financial and blue chip companies across a broad range of industries. In-depth industry knowledge enables Futureview to have a high impact on client assignments. Our industry specialization allows us to gain an understanding of our clients’ needs quickly and ultimately deliver value to them.

Customer Focus

At Futureview seeks to deliver the maximum benefit to all our select clientele in any given situation and are particular about how we provide that delivery. We seek to understand you and your business cycle and processes, understanding your strategic goals, culture, needs and even limitations all in our bid to provide solutions that offer the greatest value.

Financial Advisory Services
Mergers and Acquisitions | Corporate Restructuring | Buy-out and Divestitures | Privatization | Project Finance

We provide comprehensive financial, economic and strategic assistance to companies faced with opportunities for growth such as a merger and/or acquisitions, corporate restructuring, private equity, buy-out and divestitures, privatization, project finance etc. The knowledge, depth and expertise of our industry specialized teams is unmatched.